Cass Real Estate Club


The Cass Real Estate Club Scholarship is awarded with funds raised by the student-led Cass Real Estate Club primarily through the Annual Conference with the generous help of our sponsors.

The Cass Real Estate Club relishes the prospect of investing in the next generation of Real Estate Leaders through its own Scholarship fund, the Cass Real Estate Club Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship Fund provides greater meaning to the Cass Real Estate Club, as it is the club’s means of helping high potential, in need students with strong academic abilities and drive to pursue real estate related careers.

Award Purpose 

The Cass Real Estate Club Scholarship Fund offers financial assistance to high-calibre students. It is awarded with funds raised by the student-led Cass Real Estate Club primarily through the highly successful annual Real Estate
Conference. The CREC has raised app. £40,000 between 2012 and 2015.


To be eligible for this scholarship, candidates must hold an offer for the MSc Real Estate or MSc Real Estate Investment course at Cass Business School. Candidates must prove their need for financial assistance and display outstanding academic credentials and those with professional experience are also encouraged to apply.

Previous Scholars

The Cass Real Estate Club Scholarship has changed the lives of many students, with a dynamic purpose of providing a chance for students to advance their passion for the Real Estate Industry.

In 2015, £11,800 was granted to Nathanael Yishak, who quoted that “the Scholarship changed his entire life, and provided him with the opportunity to reshape his future,whilst taking one more step to his ultimate goal of operating his own Real Estate Private Equity firm”. – Nathanael Yishak


In the academic year 2014-2015 Priscilla Osei Asibey was granted £15,000. The academic year of 2013-2014 saw two bright candidates Robert Hellerschmied and Jessica Lynch both receiving £4000 each

Please contact Jim Wippel for inquiries.

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