Cass Real Estate Club

2013 events


28 November 2013

Insight into the London Residential Real Estate Market: Bubble of sustainable growth?

Our panel includes:

  • David Roberts– Global Real Estate Economist, UBS
  • Neil Chegwidden – Director, Residential Research at Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Naomi Heaton – Chief Executive, London Central Portfolio Limited

With the soaring prices of residential property in the capital and the government backed help to buy scheme in effect, there is a growing interest in what the future holds for the occupancy rate of London accommodation amidst external economic factors. The leading industry panellists at this event will expand on this highlighting the effect that this may have on commercial real estate in the capital, the sustainability of this trend, its effect on the cost of living and the cost of doing business here.

This is a London centric panel discussion on the residential market where the panellists will explore:

  • The effect of demographics
  • The effect of an influx of foreign wealth
  • The forecasted trends in this market
  • The comparisons of London to other major global cities
  • The possibilities of getting on the housing ladder

ATTENDEES: Tickets are fully booked and over 100 students, alumni and professionals attended.



cassrec event

19 March 2013

Private Equity Real Estate as an independent Asset Class

Over the last two decades Private Equity Real Estate has been transformed into a global asset class driven in large part by a relatively small number of investors and investment practitioners. The Cass Real Estate Club is proud to give you an opportunity to meet some of the thought leaders of the industry:

  • Mark O’Hare – Managing Director at Preqin
  • Christian Jamison – Chief Executive at Delin Capital
  • Christian Schulte Eistrup – Managing Director, Capital Markets – Europe at MGPA
  • Phil Irons – Partner at Benson Elliot
  • Simon H Lyons – Joint Chief Executive at Enstar Capital

The seminar included a panel discussion followed by networking opportunities over drinks and snacks.

Venue: The Hub Restaurant at Cass Business School, 106 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TZ


26 February 2013

The UK Retail Property Market in 2013


  • Andreas Katsaros – Partner and Head of Origination, InfraRed Capital Partners
  • Adrian Powell – Head of EMEA Retail, DTZ
  • Jo Tallack – General Manager, Highcross Leicester, Hammerson
  • Jonathan De Mello – Head of Retail Consultancy, CBRE


146, thereof 74 professional from fims such as Knight Frank, CBRE, RBS and many others.

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