Cass Real Estate Club

2012 events


The current state of the European property market – where we are and where we are going


Darren Yates, Partner, Research, Knight Frank

Matthew Webster, Managing Director, Global Head of Real Estate Financing, HSBC Bank Plc

Kim Politzer, European Research Director, Invesco


Each speaker will present on the above topic for about 15 minutes, looking from a debt, research and equity investment perspective. The talks will be followed by a brief Q&A session.

Brief background on speakers:

Matthew Webster:

Matthew has been Head of Real Estate Financing at HSBC Bank Plc for seven years. He was previously Head of Securitisation at Hypo Real Estate Bank International.

Darren Yates:

Darren joined Knight Frank in March 2011, and works within the Commercial Research team. His main role is to manage the team’s output on the UK’s regional markets, in addition to the international side.

Prior to joining Knight Frank, Darren spent 14 years at Cushman & Wakefield where he undertook a wide range of UK and international publications with an investment focus, in addition to more bespoke projects on behalf of major clients.

Kim Politzer:

Kim joined Invesco Real Estate’s (IRE) global research team in October 2006 and works in the European research department based in London. Prior to this, Kim was a director of the research department at Atisreal Ltd (now BNP Paribas Real Estate).

At IRE, Kim is responsible for developing and providing pan-European market and forecast coverage with particular responsibility for the UK, Ireland and Central and Eastern European regions. She also works closely with the acquisition, asset management and fund management teams to develop focused regional investment strategies.


Over 120 attendees including professionals from CBRE, DTZ, Pramerica and others

Event fully booked out

CRE event

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